[crack required] New telegram tools

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1 Июл 2022
I am writing this thread for someone who has full activation or can try to crack this version?
Try to find with me because the tools I will give are valuable

please See the image inside the file (1).
1= https://krakenfiles.com/view/F31W2moUC8/file.html
-------------------------------------------------- -----
This is another telegram tool that you need to crack
-------------------------------------------------- -----
2- https://krakenfiles.com/view/RjmfKQE3pr/file.html

I have a bunch of great Telegram tools that need a crack, I'm going to upload them one by one, come on guys, the one who can crack any of the above programs attaches it here for everyone's good
Please share what you have or can do
NOTE: I will dedicate this topic to a group of telegram programs that do not use the browser

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